Buying Diapers in Bulk Could Save You Money

How Many Diapers? beta is a free tool to help you estimate how many disposable diapers you'll need, and what sizes, for any time period. At the end, you’ll have the option to add the correct quantities directly to an Amazon cart. 

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About the Estimator

  • How Does It Work?

    Calculations use the CDC's baby growth data, and the diaper manufacturer's sizing and usage charts. When we determine how large your baby is compared to others, we can make an educated guess how large they will be in the future, and what size of diapers they will need. The calculator will work for newborns, and up to age three.

  • Save by Buying in Bulk

    "Oh no, we're out of diapers!" All those trips to the store to buy small packages can quickly add up. When you stockpile diapers ahead of time, you'll know that you're covered. defaults to the biggest "economy" size boxes, and fills in with "giant" packs if we go too far over your estimated need.

  • Streamlined Process

    We've made the process of buying bulk diapers online a little easier. After the estimator has run, you can send the listed boxes to to see their current prices and order online.

  • Multiple Babies

    For those buying for multiple babies (parents of twins or triplets, daycares, non-profits, etc.), just "Add a Baby" before you submit. The total number of diapers will be added up at the end. Bulk diapers, for the win!

  • Sizing "Wiggle Room"

    If you look at diaper manufacturer's sizing charts, you'll see a lot of overlap between sizes. Our estimator uses the half-way point of this overlap as a cutoff, to make sure you have as much flexibility as possible if your baby grows slower or faster than expected.

  • What About Other Brands? Styles?

    To keep our site as simple as possible, we have limited ourselves to just showing results for Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and Honest diapers. If you would like to use other brands or styles of diapers, the sizes listed should be close for other diapers on Amazon.

  • Now what?

    If you’re going to buy a million diapers anyway, it might make sense to take advantage of one of the manufacturer’s reward programs. That way you can get something back for all your trouble.